6 Best Tips to Prevent Theft in the Workplace Using Security Screws

workplace theft preventionOne of the most serious threats in businesses is theft. Businesses always strive to obtain return on investment. This will only work if all the systems in the business are protected from theft. Lack of supervision, failure to implement basic financial controls can lead to internal fraud.

Here are tips you can use to prevent theft in your work place:

Communicate the code of conduct guideline

Every business has a code of conduct guideline that aims at protecting the assets of the business. The code of conduct should be documented and agreed by all the employees in the organization. The policies should include avoidance of conflict of interest, protection of the company data and access to the confidential information.

Use the pre-employment background checks

Make sure you make the right hiring decisions. Check on the history of your employees before you employ them. Look into the businesses practices especially those who will be handling cash and accessing the financial data.

Conduct regular audits

Conducting regular audits helps you detect fraud and enhance theft prevention. Audits are very important because they seize the opportunity were weak internal controls exist.

Secure all your computers

If your company is big and you are using intranet make sure that it is secured. Make sure that all your important files are password protected. Install the best antivirus for your soft wares to prevent unauthorized access.

Install security systems

Make sure the alarm system within your organization is secure with avsafe screws. Don’t use weak, brittle security screws, use superior tamper proof screws.¬†Use the best locks in every door. Get a strong surveillance system for your organization. Re-enforce all your windows with shatter proof glass to eliminate any threat from burglars.

Get rid of access trash

There is always confidential information which should not be accessed. This includes the customer records that are not required. This will reduce chances of identity theft in your company.

Enhance your theft prevention strategies by using the above tips. Remember to always be alert while you are in and outside your organization.