Avoid Fast Foods and Live Healthy With Nutritious Food

Nutritious food is the basis for a well-functioning body across the human life. Food is so important because it is the source of energy for all the body functions in every body part. A healthy diet is best for overall body health, disease prevention, proper mind function and in order to maintain a healthy weight and live a quality life.

healthy-recipes-southethiopiaresearchHealthy diets have an equal amount of nutrients equal to calories making them an ideal balanced diet. A healthy meal contains the carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, unsaturated fats, water and minerals. Nutritious meals form the basis of cellular nutrition. On the other hand, fast foods have saturated fat, sugar and trans- fat responsible for excess weight gain and obesity. Fast foods have little nutrition value and thus do not help the body in anyway.

A poor diet has been linked to disease such as diabetes, heart diseases and some types of cancer. Fast foods have “bad” cholesterol that leads to heart attacks, stroke and arterial damage observable in atherosclerosis. Fast foods contain high levels of calorie, sugary drinks, low fiber intake and unhealthy fats.

Nutritious food plays an important role in mental health and mood. Studies published in the American Journal of Psychiatry have shown that nutritious food is related to reduced anxiety disorders, depression and dysthymia.

It is important to avoid canned foods and opt for fresh fruits and veggies. Crunching on fresh apples, cucumber slices, carrots which are fresh is healthier than snacking on foods like chips and crisps.

As the saying goes “you are what you eat” this is a profound truth. According to American Cancer Society, 35% of cancers can be prevented by eating right. According to gerontologists (scientists who study aging), diseases are not a consequence of aging and a longer and healthier life is achievable by taking nutritious foods.

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