Why Invisalign Braces Are Better

orthodontist in richmondWhen choosing a method to straighten your teeth, Invisalign Braces is a convenient, affordable, and comfortable solution. There are several benefits to choosing this form of orthodontic treatment over metal braces.


The rough metal wires and brackets of standard braces can cause painful cuts and mouth sores. Invisalign braces use a smooth plastic mouth piece making it the most comfortable way to straighten your smile.


Nothing makes it more obvious that you are having work done on your teeth then a mouth full of bright, shiny metal. The clear plastic trays Invisalign uses to align your teeth are practically invisible. This means no one has to know that you are having orthodontic procedures done. Just read all of Dr. Kaltio’s testimonials!

Saves You Time and Money

With Invisalign you will make fewer trips to the the office for visits. This means less money lost for missed time at work, less commuting cost, and more free time for you.

Leaves You in Control

Regular braces are permanently glued to your teeth, and often have to be worn for years. Invisalign is convenient because the tray is removable. This gives you full control over when and where you straighten your teeth.

More Hygienic

The removable tray also means you can more easily and effectively clean your teeth. With standard braces food often gets stuck in the metal. This can make it difficult to clean teeth properly, which can lead to stains and other dental problems. With Invisalign braces any time you need to brush or floss you simply remove the trays.

Plenty of Payment Options

Invisalign cost about the same amount as regular metal braces, and is covered by most insurances.

Many offices also offer optional payment plans for those who may not have insurance. This makes Invisalign a great option for everyone.

If you are looking for a way to comfortably and discreetly straighten your teeth, Invisalign Braces may be the perfect solution for you and are available at the offices of Doctor Ryan Kaltio.